Tyler Boyce Announced as Beach Director!


Tyler Boyce is the Club Director at Illinois Juniors Volleyball Club in Libertyville, Illinois!


Tyler Boyce will be leading the Wisconsin Juniors Beach Program for the 2018 beach season! His personal mission is to grow the sport of volleyball by inspiring athletes and creating joy by spreading the knowledge he has learned from this fantastic sport.

What he would like the WJV Beach Program to accomplish this year is to pave a way for future opportunities for the athletes involved to potentially play beach volleyball at the college level!

Chelsea Neave will be joining Tyler Boyce as one of the leads of our beach program for the 2018 season!

“Our goal is to walk away from this season confident that everyone who participated, ended the season having gotten better in strategy, fundamental skill, knowledge, and muscle memory. In an environment with high energy, great effort, discipline, education, and that is competitive in nature. The only thing better than playing volleyball is playing volleyball in the sun!”


Stay tuned for more details.


Come join Tyler Boyce and Chelsea Neave on the beach with Wisconsin Juniors Beach Program this summer!