For the Parents

For the Parents

Recruiting Questions:

For many parents, the college recruiting experience can be confusing and stressful. In today’s fast paced life, parents are forced to juggle their work and family obligations AND oversee their daughter’s recruiting process. To make matters more stressful, many student-athletes are extremely busy with many important activities: homework, church functions, multiple high school and club sports—oh, and their social life too!

Take a deep breath; we are here to help!

An extensive look into the world of college athletics.

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Your Recruiting Plan Starts HERE

Register with the NCAA Clearing House

What is the NCAA Clearinghouse?

To Play in the NAIA Register with the NAIA Eligibility Center

Create your Personal Profile Sheet (see Example)

What to do Next

College Questions to ask Before and During your Research

Wisconsin Juniors General Recruiting Questionnaire– Fill this out return to Evan Berg to keep on file.

Location, Location, Location

Below is a link to all D1 School locations and a map of the D2 and D3 Universities.

D1 School Locations

D2 School Locations

D2 School Locations

D3 School Locations

D3 School Locations

Stay on Track and be Organized

Below are some links to some documents that you can print out and use to help keep you more organized during the communications part of the recruiting process.

Recruiting Communications Log

Recruiting School Contacts Log


Academic Websites

Academic Resource Websites

Volleyball Resource Websites

Volleyball Resource Websites