Performance Program

  • Recipe – Chicken and Spinach Pasta

    The night before competition I love to get into the kitchen and make something that is going to satisfy my taste buds that night and help maximize my performance the next day. This has turned into a ritual of sorts. I spend a little time thinking about what foods I need to include and what… Read more »

  • Recipe – Cookie Dough Protein Balls

    Convenience is my main concern when I am preparing for a tournament or a busy week/weekend. The more complete snacks and meals that I have in my refrigerator the better choices I make. I was warned at the beginning of the season that one of the 16 Rox athletes was VERY taste/texture sensitive to protein… Read more »

  • Mobility

    Recently we have incorporated mobility into our Performance Program training sessions, especially after long tournaments when it is important we provide our bodies with plenty of recovery. So what is mobility and why do we need to do it? The bottom line is that most injuries are preventable and that many athletes simply lack an… Read more »

  • UPDATE: Competition Nutrition Guide

    A few weeks ago I post an article “What’s in Your Game Day Lunch Box?” that covered how to prepare nutritionally for your tournaments.  After more thought and many conversations with parents and athletes I found that there was need for more examples of food to eat, not just when certain nutrients are important. So, by… Read more »

  • Overtraining: Factors, Signs + Solutions

    Overtraining most commonly displays itself as fatigue either during or after exercise. It is typically a result of one or all of the following variables: training volume, frequency, intensity and recovery. When overtraining is suspected adjusting one of the four variables in necessary. There are many signs of overtraining, but it is best to consider… Read more »

  • Quality Over Quantity: 5 Tips for Doing a Squat

    As a living, breathing and moving human being we ALL perform some variation of a squat on a daily basis. As athletes we do even more of them… remember those super fun sumo squat jumps. You can find a squatting pattern in everything we do; sitting down in a chair, picking up a box or… Read more »

  • Quality Over Quantity: 5 Tips for Doing a Plank

    We have been using planks in the Performance Program for the past couple weeks and I have noticed some repeating technique flaws. A plank is one of the most functional exercises that we can do, when it is done correctly the impact is even greater. I have pulled together the top 5 tips for doing a… Read more »

  • Supplementation: Make an Informed Choice

    When I walk into the gym I hear and see coaches and athletes preparing for practice – filling water bottles, getting their shoes on, setting up courts, talking practice strategy. My mind always goes to the same place…I am hoping they are rested, hydrated, well feed and not stressed out. I am also not holding… Read more »

  • Life is Like a Box of Priorities

    If you have been following along with my posts and picking up the bits and pieces of information at practice, then you know I am PREACHING nutrition and how it is the missing link to improved and consistent performance. I have seen more athletes in the past two weeks tired, sick, or flat out exhausted…. Read more »

  • Snacks that Pack a Punch

    School, practice, family, friends, tournaments… our weeks never seem to calm down, they only seem to get busier as the season progresses. So how can we make sure that we are getting in good nutrition before practices and during tournaments? Check out this delicious recipe that pack an extra nutritional punch that is great for… Read more »

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