If you would like to take some extra steps to improve your game, the Wisconsin Juniors offers private and semi/private lessons to any volleyball athlete from many of our top coaches in all areas of the game.

Single 1-on-1 Rate, $75 

All lessons are 45 minutes long

Group Rates are as follows

  • 2 Siblings for- $100
  • 2 (unrelated), $60 per athlete
  • 3 (unrelated), $50 per athlete
  • 4 to 6 players (unrelated), $40 per athlete

Below are the list of lesson coaches you may contact to schedule a lesson

Scott Marita: scott.marita@hotmail.com

Dan Dresen: dan.dresen@yahoo.com

Megan Awe: megan.awe@gmail.com

Kevin Raap: kevinraap@yahoo.com

Rob Humphrey: jrscoachrob@gmail.com

Amy Vos: vos.amy@gmail.com

Tyler Boyce: t_boyce_25@yahoo.com

Becky Muff: Beckymuff8@Gmail.com

Paul Zickert: pzickert@gmail.com

Josh Price: jl_price@hotmail.com

Kyle Poppleman: popsvb01@aim.com