Who We Are

The Wisconsin Juniors is a highly successful, family oriented, club volleyball program that is committed to the development of every single athlete in each and every one in our programs.

Highly Successful:

The Wisconsin Juniors is one of the top volleyball clubs in the nation. In 2011, 5 teams finished in the top ten at the AAU National Championships. No club in Wisconsin, and only 6 clubs in the nation, had more top ten finishes than the Wisconsin Juniors in 2011. In 2012, the Wisconsin Juniors won a national title in the 14-Open division. Also during the 2012 season, 15 Wisconsin Juniors athletes were committed to playing college volleyball for NCAA Division 1 or Division 2 programs on athletic scholarship.

Family Oriented:

The Wisconsin Juniors is committed to putting our member families above any other goal. When the directors and staff are faced with making a decision, that decision is made by answering the following questions: what is best for our athletes and their families? Additionally, program unity, the development of well-rounded persons, and creating an enjoyable atmosphere is equally important to us as wins and losses. It is for these reasons, and more, that we consider ourselves “More Than a Club.”

Every Single Athlete:

The Wisconsin Juniors is committed to providing the best in player development, no matter the age or level. While we are known for our highly competitive and nationally recognized club program, we are equally proud of our VolleyKidz (grades K-4) and 3rd-4th grade introductory leagues. Every year we strive to offer the very best programs possible for every age and level. What makes us unique to many surrounding clubs is our program mentality. During one club season, every athlete of ours will receive instruction from at least 10 different coaches on our staff, in addition to most all of our directors. Moreover, every club team of ours has ten, and only ten, athletes, all of which receive playing time in every single match. This is a clearly defined and purposeful way to ensure the development of every player in our program.

To learn more about us, continue browsing our website or contact Jim Neave at jneave@wisconsinjuniors.com